To School We Go

Earlier this week, Glee got to experience the snow. She loved running around and playing in the snow. We found out that snow was her new favorite “food” to eat. My brother and I were running around and throwing snow at each other while she was right alongside playing with us. Glee enjoyed laying and rolling around in the powdery snow as we built a snowman. She got to feel the feeling of ice. Glee didn’t know what to think of it because she was slipping and sliding as we were trying to go back into the house. Glee wanted to go back outside so bad just to play. We saw her staring out the window gazing as it floated from the sky and it gathering on our deck.

This week was a big week for Glee and me. After puppy sitting, she was finally able to go to school with me. When I got back from break, I had to go meet with my principal to discuss a couple of things about bringing her to school. My principal was excited for me to be doing this project and thought it was a great idea!

The first day was overwhelming for me and Glee with everyone wanting to meet her, plus it was pouring rain outside. So of course, she smelled like wet dog, especially after someone would pet her. Glee handled it very well with meeting my fellow students and teachers. Glee progressed over the week at school. As days went by, Glee got less and less distracted by people and the commotion around her. I have learned that Glee likes to sleep in every class that she goes into. Though, she can disrupt class by snoring very loud until everyone starts laughing which wakes her up. Glee was getting startled by loud noises – loud classrooms or people just yelling outside of class. She has gotten used to hearing those noises and now knows it is okay. Because she was getting startled so easily, I have been trying to have her be near loud noises or different obstacles; such as construction work zones, school bells, and grates in the ground. Glee has realized that she needs to be calm and sitting, while students, teachers, or strangers pet her. After the first day of school I didn’t need to tell her to be calm or sit, she did it automatically. Glee has calmed down the more we have gone to school and being around people.

Glee has gotten mentally exhausted after going to school for the first time. I do spend time at school going over simple training techniques. Some examples are, collar pressure, the term “stand” as well as sit and stay. Glee gets the practice of going up steep stairs at school. She sometimes goes up or down the stairs too fast, so I just keep going up and down them until she realizes she must go with me at my speed and not at her own.  She is still learning what she can and cannot do at school. Since she sleeps in every class, it takes her awhile to get back into working/training mode. She has had people throw food at her during lunch and she thinks that it’s okay to try to go get it. After the first time that has happened she has learned that it’s not okay to go after food or try to eat food on the ground. I needed to politely ask them to respect Glee in training and not to throw food at her.

Later that week, we went to our bi-weekly meeting for guide dogs for the blind. I experienced what it is like for the blind. I was blindfolded and I had to put Glees vest, gentle leader, and leash on her while I couldn’t see, plus she was moving. It was very difficult for me because I had to rely on my sense if feel and not my sense of eye. I got to work with Glee by getting her relaxed by lying next to me so I could feel her paws. Glee needs to experience pressure on her paws like when I trim her nails. Angie gave me some advice to always have the leash be in a J-shape as I am walking with her. Glee and I are working on going through left-hinged doors so she can learn the term “over here”.

               So far so good with Glee. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. Glee has progressed so much and I’m just amazed by it. She is such a sweetheart and is so smart. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog! Until next time!




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