Tahoe Bound!!!

This week started off very challenging with Glee and me. We had some issues especially during school. We had intense weather with rain and wind this week. Glee is not a big fan of this weather. She has been putting on her breaks while walking and not wanting to move. It makes me frustrated because she won’t go anywhere or do anything. Glee would back away and pull against me. I was able to get Glee to work through this new issue with collar pressure, praise and treats (she loves treats). With this new issue, I was worried about our upcoming trip to Tahoe.

This weekend was a big deal for Glee and me. Our family of four went to Tahoe for a basketball tournament. I didn’t realize how much of her stuff I needed to pack with me.

She needed:

-Travel kennel

-Food for breakfast and dinner


-Her water bowl and food bowl

-Collapsible water bowl for when we were out and about


-Leash, gentle leader, and vest

I was surprised on how much she needed, but it was all necessary to bring. Glee travels very well in the car. Though, she had to sit in the back of the car, which she hasn’t done before. It was a very long car ride of about three hours while being cramped. So…. Glee was a little bit spoiled and got to sit on the seat between my brother and me. She enjoyed it very much since she slept the entire time. Overall, the car ride went very well.

When we arrived in Tahoe, Glee instantly wanted to play in the snow. She is in LOVE with snow and finds it the most amazing thing in the world. Glee didn’t mind the cold weather, but we sure did! It was FREEZING! Right as we got out of the car and walked into the hotel, people wanted to meet her and thought she was the most adorable thing they have ever seen. Though, I was carrying a million things so it was very difficult to introduce her to people. I have a tough time telling people that she can’t be petted. I had to tell people she couldn’t be petted because I was not able to put everything down and pick it up again. Glee got to go through some new obstacles such as elevators and carpet stairs.

After we settled in and got situated, we got to go out and explore. Next to our hotel was Heavenly Village.  The roads and sidewalks were icy and at times was difficult to walk on.  These cold slippery conditions did not affect Glee and she navigated as normal. We walked around for a bit and let Glee explore and get the feel for what was going on. There were dogs all over the place. Dogs from the size of a pebble to the size of a mountain. All the dogs were interested in Glee. It was frustrating at times because some dogs weren’t under control or the owner wasn’t paying attention and some dogs would want to go after Glee. Glee got distracted a couple of times, but quickly realized that she needs to stay focused on working. While we were heading back to our hotel, Glee decided to take a poop in the middle of the walkway. Of course, I was embarrassed because she wasn’t supposed to do that and there were people around. I did have a mini heart attack because the dog bag to pick up after them fell out of the bag with treats. Luckily, we had just bought some fresh baked Nestle Cookies and my mom handed me he cookie bag.

That night, we had a basketball game to go to. Glee has gone to a couple of basketball games before, but this was over the top. Parents were yelling and cheering and buzzers going off. Glee hasn’t experienced such noise before at our previous basketball games. After a while she just relaxed and went to sleep. I’m not sure how you can sleep through such noise? Glee ended up surviving the first crazy basketball game of the weekend. After we ate dinner, Glee was happy that she could go back to the hotel to eat her dinner and go to sleep. It was a long day for her and all of us.

On Saturday, I had to get up early to take her out to go to the bathroom. Shortly after that we got ready and went to breakfast. We went to the first basketball game of the day and of course Glee slept through all of it. She got a little skittish while we were walking near the court with people and balls bouncing next to her. Glee enjoyed being out and about with everyone and getting to explore a place she has never been to. We went to lunch, which was a challenge at first for her. She wanted to smell and investigate the food we had. After a little verbal correction she realized that it was not acceptable and ended up sleeping under the table. A few hours later, we had our last basketball game to go to. (They won this one) Glee enjoyed sleeping on my jacket while everyone is watching the intense game. Yes, I know, this dog sleeps a lot. She was done for the day after the game, but she didn’t know that we still had to go to dinner in a very noisy place. We went to a pub for dinner that night, which had loud music playing to people cheering on the Patriots to win the football game. Glee was very unsure of the place because of the noise level and how crowed it was in there. When we were seated, she found a safe spot under the bench I was sitting on that had three sides to it. It cut the noise level down for her, which made her more comfortable. You can guess what happened next. Yup, Glee fell asleep again. The night was finally over for her and everyone else.

On Sunday morning, we got up to eat and pack so we could get out of there before anyone else. Which was good since we got home earlier and hit no traffic. Glee of course slept the whole way home. Glee got a break on Monday after this long overwhelming weekend.

I am happy on how this weekend turned out. Glee handled it very well even though there were some bumps in the road throughout those two days. I’m looking forward to future trips with Glee and my family. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog!

Until next time,









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