Juno Walk…

On Tuesday, my family and I celebrated my birthday. I enjoyed that day very much. We went to dinner and of course Glee joined us too!! Glee rested under the table while we all ate and enjoyed our meals. It was a late night for all of us. Especially Glee, but she handled it very well. She was tired, but she kept working.

Throughout last week, we got a huge amount of snow. Glee LOVES the snow so much it’s crazy. Glee was able to play in the snow and most importantly, experience the slippery thick ice. She slipped and fell a couple of times, but after that she knew what she had to be cautious. That whole week it snowed at our house and rained nonstop at my school. Yes, Glee smelled like a wet dog. Very badly. I even smelled like wet dog at times. Glee got soaking wet because it rained so hard. Glee doesn’t enjoy the rain, but she is getting better at being in the rain and focusing on what she needs to do. She used to not want to move at all when she was in the rain, but now, she is fine with it.  Sometimes she will look at me with that face saying “Are you serious mom? You know I don’t like the rain. Ughhh fine I will walk with you in the rain.” Glee is such an expressive dog it the funniest and cutest thing ever.

On Thursday, we had our monthly dog meeting. We talked about what were good things about this week and what was bad. My good thing with Glee was that she hasn’t stopped randomly while we are walking. I have been working with her on this and she is progressing. The one bad thing was her still wanting to go after birds. It doesn’t matter if they are on the ground or they are flying. I have been working with her and it is getting a little better. Every time she has shown interest in them, I tell her “leave it” and she slowly starting to understand that she can’t pay attention to them. 

At the meeting, we each individually went on a Juno walk with our leader, Angie. A Juno walk is where you are blindfolded and somebody guides you so you can experience what it is like to be blind. In this case, Angie was acting as the dog. I found it terrifying. I didn’t know where I was at and thought I would run into things. Angie had me listen to noises such as cars, people talking, and doors opening and shutting. I was amazed by how the dog learns certain terms to be able to direct the blind person. There is so much trust that goes into that and I find it amazing. Even though I didn’t like doing the Juno walk, I want to do it again. I want to put more trust into it. Overall, this meeting was great. We discussed having outing at a Celtic Fair and at a hockey game in the near future. I’m excited about what will come next.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog.




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