The Past Few Weeks


These past few weeks, Glee has been to many places. We all think that Glee is a professional at going to basketball games. She handles them so well, plus enjoys watching them. At the homecoming basketball game, there were so many people packed into the stands and people screaming and yelling. I’m proud to say that Glee handled it perfectly and ended up sleeping through it. Glee will soon be going to swim meets, baseball games, and soccer games. I can’t wait to see how she will react to those. The swim meets will get her used to the echoing of the water, the sounds of the buzzers going off, and the splashing of water.


Later that week, Glee traveled with us to Bear Valley Ski Resort and experienced everyone looking scary in their ski/snowboarding outfits. One important thing that she went on was metal stairs that were steep. Glee handled them very well and didn’t second guess herself going up or down them. Plus, Glee was socialized with children from another school. May I add, it was echoing with everyone’s loud voices. Of course, Glee didn’t mind it at all and just slept her way through the day. Glee also got to play in the snow…. which she loves to do. She just wants to play and enjoy the weather. Of course, she will pose for us while she sits and looks pretty in the snow.


Glee has also accomplished the goal of sleeping out of her kennel and sleeping on tie down!!! She sleeps on two pillows net to my bed, which, she is in LOVE with. I now don’t have to worry about getting her out of the kennel in the morning and making a lot of noise. She enjoys sleeping on the pillows more than the kennel. She started sleeping out of her kennel on tie-down, however she has now graduated to sleeping without being on tie-down. Glee just plops herself down when it’s time to go to bed, falls asleep and stays asleep though the whole night.


Even though Glee has accomplished so much, she has some bad habits. Glee still wants to go after birds. It doesn’t matter if the bird is flying up super high or is right in front of her. I tell Glee to leave it and she will soon realize that she shouldn’t be paying attention to the birds. Glee also loves to lick the floors and cabinets. When we are at restaurants, Glee scrounges for food on the floor. Which, after a while, it can get annoying. Glee has gotten better with not doing it as much and I’m still working on it with her.


Glee has been going to school with me now for about two months. So far, everything has been great. All the students and teachers love seeing her. Glee is a perfect dog in class. She sleeps under the desk and minds her own business. She pops up when the bell rings and is ready to travel to the next class. There are some funny and embarrassing moments in class. During tests, Glee will start snoring as loud as she can. Everyone will look and start to laugh. One time Glee barked very quietly while she was dreaming. It was very embarrassing, but I think about it know and start to laugh.


In the meantime, Glee has been to many places. She has been to Doctors’ offices, grocery stores, Starbucks, and restaurants. Glee is very good with traveling in these places. The only thing that happens sometimes is when she will want to smell food in the grocery store that is at her level. Besides that, Glee does amazing in these environments.


Glee had a very long day the other day. We were in the car for a very long time going to our destinations and going home. Our first stop was Bass Pro Shop. Glee was surely interested in seeing all the fake animals such as Bears, Tigers, Deer, and Goats. She also saw live fish is a big tank. She paid little attention to the fish, but she wanted to know what the other animals were. There were stairs that we went up and down repeatedly. There were many people in there, so Glee was surrounded by noise and small children. Glee did so well there and I was so proud. The next stop was an archery shop to get my brother a compound bow for his birthday. Nothing was important there because she was doing so good, until she encountered a cat. The cat snuck up behind and under the chair so Glee launched forward at the cat. No, Glee did not get ahold of the cat and the cat didn’t do anything to Glee. Glee did not know how to react because she has never been around a cat before, plus the cat frightened her because it came out of nowhere. I told Glee “no” and she quickly realized that she made a mistake and gave me the face saying “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to”. We later went to the grocery store then to pizza. Glee was so tired after this day. All she wanted to do was go home and sleep.


The next day, our group went to a hockey game for our monthly outing. Talk about people screaming and loud buzzers going off. Glee got startled at first when the first buzzer went off, but she recovered quickly. Glee and the two other dogs laid in front of us and slept. There was only a couple of times where loud noises took them by surprise. Besides that, everything with the hockey game was good and the dogs did amazing.


The day after that, Glee went with our group leader Angie, and her dog, Jagger, to go do a photoshoot for Guide Dogs for The Blind. It was for advertising. Angie told us that people said she was amazing and posed for the camera.  Next week I will trade puppies with another puppy raiser. Wish us luck…


Hope you enjoyed!





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