Getting My Glee Back


Last week, I finally got my Glee back!! Our group had our monthly outing at the annual Sonora Celtic Fair. We each still had different dogs because we switched, but at the end of the day, we were able to get our own dogs back. I was sooooo happy, and so was everyone else. The experience taught me that I need to be patient with different dogs that I will switch with and know that they all won’t be like Glee. Overall, the Celtic Fair was a BLAST! It was an actual blast since there were cannons going off. Which was great for the pups so they can get used to loud noises that could happen at any moment. All three of the pups handled it amazingly!! Acted like nothing went off! The dogs saw people in loud, metal, heavy armor which didn’t affect them at all either. So many people loved seeing the pups and were happy that we were raising these puppies to hopefully help someone in the future.  


         Our first day back to school together after those two weeks was on Monday. And let me tell you, Glee was happy to see all her friends. Everyone missed Glee and her happy face. It was so cute seeing everyone saying hi to her and her getting so excited about it. Glee adjusted well for her first day back to school, but at the end of the day she was just tired and wanted to go home. I had the same exact thoughts at the end of the day too. Glee remembers the paths of school which is a plus for me, haha. She knows the way to my locker, so half of the time she guides me there. We have gone to so many places in such little time after I got her back. She has done amazing and adjusted well.


         At our last monthly meeting, I learned how to do clicker training. No, we didn’t do this with our pups because we are not allowed to. People in our group participated and played the role as a trainer of the dog and someone act as the dog. In this activity, we had the “dog” go outside. While they were outside, we had to come up with something they had to complete to be reward with M&M’s. Example: I had to walk in a certain direction, and if I was still walking in the correct direction, I would be rewarded with “nice” and candy. I ended up having to pick up a cheese shaker from the table and sitting down in a chair. This activity was kind of like the game hot and cold. It showed us how positive enforcement works with the pups and shows how hard their little brains function to figure out where to go. Let me tell you, it was not easy. I enjoyed the activity because I can see how it is for the dogs and figuring out what to do.


         That night, I found out that I must take Glee to the vet on Friday. I need to take her because she has been coughing with and without collar pressure. We have a couple of ideas of what it could be, but we are not positive. Therefore, another reason she needs to go in. Depending on what is going on with Glee, she may be dropped form the program immediately. I’m trying to not think much about it because I get sad thinking that she may be dropped. I’m hoping that it is something that can be fixed and she will be okay. We have someone already looking for another dog just in case Glee gets dropped. If Glee gets dropped, we are keeping her and I will start a new pup as soon as possible.



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