Reoccurring Visitor


The most common place Glee has been this month is the doctor’s office. About a month and a half ago, I got my wisdom teeth removed. Ever since then, I have been having problems with it and Glee and I have visited the office many times over the last few weeks. Glee has handled it very well because many days I would not be feeling good at school because of the pain and she seems to remember where I need to go and when. While we were in the doctor’s office, she would lay under the table and be quiet. She would be so quiet that the doctor would forget she was there until she moved. Glee behaves herself during these appointments, which makes me happy.


I have recently realized that I have had Glee for about three months now. Glee and I have created such a great bond over this time. She has improved soooo much ever since I first got her. Especially in school, Glee knows what and what not to do. In the beginning, Glee would want to pick up pieces of paper or crumbs of food off the ground. She has not done this because she has learned very quickly not to do that anymore. The most impressive part about having her at school is her being able to remember her way around the campus. Sometimes when I don’t need to go to my locker, Glee will try to go that way. Glee does know where she goes to the bathroom. If she has to go to the bathroom, she will try to walk faster and faster to get there. Glee has her favorite people at school. There are three people that she just LOVES. Of course these are my friends and not total strangers, haha. She gets soooo excited when she sees or hears them. Yes, Glee will greet them and their faces will just brighten up because Glee brings such joy. Everyone loves seeing her because she has such a happy and bright soul.


During swim practice, Glee is in a kennel in the swim office. Yes, we all could guess what she does. She sleeps. The whole time. This dog is asleep more than she is awake, haha. Glee is such a good girl in her kennel during swim. Glee is also in a kennel for a period during school while I am in PE. She gets a bone, but just ignores it. My floral teacher always tells me that she makes no noise and doesn’t cause problems. Which is good 😊


 Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog!





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